Every new year, we try to find ways to begin the year with fresh, healthy resolutions. Whether it’s living a healthier lifestyle, getting out of debt, being more adventurous or traveling, we set goals to become a new and better person. People often give up on their resolution after a few weeks and then start […]

CAN YOU BORROW YOUR WAY OUT OF DEBT? Can you borrow your way out of debt?  It may seem a little bit odd, but borrowing money can be a useful and important first step to paying down debt. How is this possible? With a debt consolidation loan* you’ll find you might be paying less every […]

At GECU, we want to give you the tools you need to reach financial success. Start 2017 off with a free financial checkup from Green Path Debt Solutions, a GECU partner and non-profit that works to empower people with financial education. You can learn about your credit score and how you can start improving it. […]

The last couple of years were great for me personally; I got a master’s degree, got married, found a career, and because of these things, I moved a lot. As great as all that is, it was bad for my credit card. Being a broke student meant I didn’t have much in the way of […]

GET OUT OF DEBT We’ve talked about building a working budget and saving up an emergency fund and now it’s time for the meaty part of the debt reduction process: paying down debt. If you’ve gotten to this point in the process, congratulate yourself, a lot of the really hard work is done. Now, as […]