A Centrally Located Branch   Your all-new GECU Neighborhood Branch is CENTRAL-ly located! We’re so excited to be part of the Five Points neighborhood in Central El Paso and we know you’re excited too! Every Grand Opening is special in its own way, and I think its safe to say this was one of the […]

All About International Credit Union Day The credit union movement has been around for over a hundred years, but its history in the US begins in the Industrial Age, when a booming economy brought not just optimism about the future, but an increased need for a financial institution that could help people achieve their dreams […]

IT’S AN 85TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY We’re celebrating GECU’s 85th Anniversary this year and we’re doing it in a big way! We’ll be making 85 stops across the community- 3 stops a day, for 85 minutes each, 6 days a week- to say thank you for letting us serve you for 85 years and counting. At […]

In honor of our 85th Anniversary, we’ll be sharing 85 reasons to love GECU. Check back for more reasons as we continue to celebrate this milestone!   75. FREE CREDIT COUNSELLING Whether you’re trying to build credit or repair it, GECU is here to help. Our financial coaches provide free, personalized credit counselling to help […]

TWO GREAT PREMIERS GECU and MEMBERS Trust Company are sponsoring two movies at this year’s Plaza Classic Film Festival. This is a great event that takes place in one of El Paso’s most cherished venues and we want to give you tickets to catch a show!   HERE’S THE SCOOP We have tickets for “Snow […]