This Scam Sounds Like Just The Ticket Do you ever dream of winning the lottery or a big sweepstakes? Wouldn’t it be great to get your picture taken with one of those giant checks? That’s what makes it exciting when someone contacts you claiming you’ve won a big cash prize. They say all you have […]

Do you want to learn more about personal finance? If you’re just starting out, polishing your skills, or rounding out your knowledge, there’s a seminar for you. Our seminars are free and open to the entire community. See a seminar you want to attend? Contact us today at 915-774-2160, email or register online at FINANCIAL EDUCATION […]

In honor of our 85th Anniversary, we’ll be sharing 85 reasons to love GECU. Check back for more reasons as we continue to celebrate this milestone!   75. FREE CREDIT COUNSELLING Whether you’re trying to build credit or repair it, GECU is here to help. Our financial coaches provide free, personalized credit counselling to help […]

TWO GREAT PREMIERS GECU and MEMBERS Trust Company are sponsoring two movies at this year’s Plaza Classic Film Festival. This is a great event that takes place in one of El Paso’s most cherished venues and we want to give you tickets to catch a show!   HERE’S THE SCOOP We have tickets for “Snow […]