The GECU Downtown Branch at Campbell & Mills is now open and to celebrate, we’ve put together a video that celebrates our community. You’ll notice some familiar faces and some new personalities in our video and you’ll definitely notice some unique El Paso landmarks. We’ve been a part of the El Paso community since 1932 […]

Scammers Are Looking To Hit The Jackpot With Lottery Scams Did you just get a fax, letter or an email telling you won a prize in the lottery? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Fraudsters will claim to be lottery officials in order to obtain your personal information, or in […]

We’re presented with offers and opportunities every day. The good news is that almost every one of them is honest. Unfortunately, every now and then you may be presented with an opportunity that sounds too good to be true. If you think you’ve come across a scam, it can be helpful to think about what […]

Do you want to learn more about personal finance? If you’re just starting out, polishing your skills, or rounding out your knowledge, there’s a seminar for you. Our seminars are free and open to the entire community. See a seminar you want to attend? Contact us today at 915-774-2160 or visit to register today! Please […]

Back to School is an exciting time for students, with the prospects of a new year laid out like a fresh, blank notebook waiting to be filled. Every year, State Rep. Cesar Blanco selects a school in his district for a school supply giveaway. Filling Back Packs with Rep. Blanco This year, GECU Community Development […]