Joe works in the Underwriting & Dealer Service department at GECU. When he’s not helping El Pasoans get behind the wheel, he’s busy tricking out wheels of his own. We caught up with Joe to ask him about his extra-curricular automotive hobby. Q: Joe, if you had to describe your job in one sentence, what […]

El Paso is known for many things, its warm climate, sunny days, vibrant culture and the Franklin Mountains that form the heart of our community. This recently released short film highlights all these aspects of life in the Sun City through the world of mountain biking. Local filmmaker (and, full disclosure: GECU employee) Devin said […]

THE NORTHEASTER PARADE IS ONE HOPPING EVENT One of the great things about our community is that every neighborhood has its own unique traditions and celebrations. We look forward to taking part in the TransMountain Optimists NorthEaster parade every year. The parade makes its way across the Northeast, down Diana, all the way to Dyer, […]

NOW CLOSER THAN EVER! We had a great time on the Westside! There were cheerleaders, a marching band, and even a jumping balloon to make sure that the Grand Opening of the Helen of Troy and Resler GECU Neighborhood Branch℠ was fun for the whole family. We love serving our members and grand openings are […]

Tucked between a laundromat and a bakery in Northeast El Paso, the Lower Dyer Community Center buzzes with activity. School-aged kids come in to socialize and do homework, in another section; adults sit in cubicles receiving free tax assistance. Colorful paintings line the walls. It’s a lively, welcoming place. In the middle of it all […]